The film of the day Is just like the photography really in that it blends into the background so as to capture your wedding on video in the most natural way. There`s no film crew or big cameras and lights in everyone`s faces. It`s all about the atmosphere, banter, and emotions of the big day which will be presented in a beautiful showreel that tells the story of your day in a way that’s touching, humorous and personal to you.

It isn`t going to be a tacky 2hr long wedding film that is only watched once or twice but it will be a wedding film that’s long enough to hold all the absolute best parts of your day, and short enough to be watched over and over and over again. Hope you like these showreels which will give you an idea of what we`re about.

Here`s a showreel showing a few weddings that we`ve filmed. You`ll also see a few photographs that are included with the film which is what we`ll be able to do if you decide you would like us to photograph and film your big day.

They are beautiful short films, not over long documentaries. Usually around 8 minutes edited with music and Audio. A second Film of about 60 minutes with all the extended moments from the ceromony, speaches, dancing etc. Please the package link for the costing.